We continue our expansion plan with the acquisition of Interactivo Contact Center

Gran acogida en medios de comunicación de la adquisición de Interactivo por parte de Marktel

In Marktel we carried out the acquisition of 100% of the company Interactivo Contact Center Colombia, thanks to the collaboration with the Santander Smart Fund, intended exclusively to accompany initiatives with growth potential, sustainable, innovative and digital. 

The Santander Smart Fund has opted for our trajectory and evolution, supporting the strategic plan for inorganic growth.

As a full BPO company, positioned in Spain and Portugal, with 21 years of experience, we provide services to IBEX 35 clients who are in the main sectors of action, such as Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Utilities and Retail, among others.


“This acquisition represents a great advance in the group’s growth strategy, as it substantially reduces the implementation period in the American Continent and we are convinced that, in a short space of time, we will be able to obtain 100% growth in the region”.

Miguel Molina.
CEO of Marktel.

Interactivo is a BPO company with 23 years of experience and headquarters in Bogotá, which acts as a regional
hub, providing services to clients for different countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Central America and Brazil, in addition to Colombia itself. It is a strategic partner of clients in the sectors of Public Administration, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare and Pharma. 

At Marktel and Interactivo we agree on our philosophy of continuous improvement within the integral life cycle services of customers, as well as in digital end to end processes.  

Through this operation, Interactivo will be reinforced in the digital field with an important offer of value contribution through our technological ecosystem. 

 On the other hand, we obtain a reference position in the Spanish and Anglo-Saxon speaking market, turning Colombia into an operational hub of services for the American continent, positioning ourselves as a global supplier for our current customers. 

To give continuity to our expansion plan, we are planning to open a new site in Colombia (coffee area), with which we will continue to increase our capacities in the region.  

From Marktel, we would like to thank the media for the great reception of the acquisition of Interactivo Contact Center and for this new contribution of value to the Latin American market through our technological ecosystem. 


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